Happy Chinese New Year!

2024 年 2月 10 日标志着新的农历新年——龙年的开始。据说龙年出生的人拥有好运、善良和广阔的创造力。中国新年的庆祝活动将充满欢乐和期待。庆祝活动通常包括烟花、游行、家庭宴会、舞龙等等。随着龙年的临近,许多中国家庭会挂上带有幸运信息的红色装饰品,为来年带来好运。

February 10, 2023 marks the beginning of a new Chinese New Year – the Year of the Dragon. People born in a Dragon Year are said to be blessed with good fortune, kindness, and vast creativity. The celebrations for Chinese New Year will be full of joy and anticipation. Festivities typically include fireworks, parades, family feasts, dragon dances, and much more. As the Year of the Dragon approaches, many Chinese families will hang red decorations with lucky messages to bring good luck for the upcoming year.


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